A friend’s story: welcome & comfort

Thanks to our friend Helen for being the first to write about Kev:

I first met Kev at Figgy pub with my then new boyfriend Jason. We stopped in with our new motorbikes (& new motorbike licenses) to have a beer with some of Jason’s mates. I was pretty nervous, I was not only new on the scene but new in town. It was Kev who soothed my worries, he was the one who took the time and effort to make me feel welcome and comfortable. He was the one who spent the time getting to know me and admired my purple motorbike. I honestly can’t remember who else I met that night but it is Kev who I am still friends with 10 years later, he was even a groomsmen at our wedding.

The first time I saw Kev dance was an eye opener to say the least. We had all been to the Rugby World Cup game between Canada and Tonga and in true style just a little alcohol was consumed. Next stop was the Harp (talk about a classy evening out) and the joint was jumping. When the 80’s tunes came on Kev was up and dancing with the delight and exuberance that he is so well know for. His enthusiasm is nothing short of infectious.

Charlie Boorman 066

Kev, that guy from Long Way Round, Helen

Over the years we have all been motorbike buddies, Jason and Kev often go out for a ride just for the joy of a ride. We have been on big road trips as a group and collected a library of stories from the road.

A few years ago at a ‘Friday night dinner’ family Christmas dinner we went around the table each taking a turn to reflect on our year. I found it hard to talk as I had lost my Mum a few months before. As I wrestled my emotions under control it was Kev who reached out his hand to hold mine to offer his support so I could finish what I wanted to say. Due to the seating arrangements Jason was across from me and thus his hand was out of reach. The tenderness of what I can only describe as family support is leaving me teary now as I think about it.

That familial support extended through our wedding celebrations. Kev had just lost a finger in a very nasty work accident and just a week later Jen and Kev were hosting a BIG BBQ for all our out of town wedding guests. I have no idea how they both managed that night and the next day but am deeply touched at the effort they put in to make our wedding such a great celebration.

It is Kev’s kindness and genuineness that shines to me, he was one of the people who helped me settle in this town and who made me feel welcome in a new group of friends as my relationship with Jason grew. It is that which is so special about Kev and I love you very much for that.



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