Colourful language yelled from car windows

I ran into Glen (Stutch) at a work function last week and he quickly jotted this post down for me.  It makes me laugh because Kev has always yelled inappropriate things at those who he considers to have missed the common sense gene and graphically calls a spade a spade.   Thanks Glen.

Winter 2003

After a day of skiing on my Buck’s party, Kevin and another pulled up stumps and had gone to the bar as well as to put the chains on my new car due to inclement weather.

Eight of us bundled into the car and headed out of Perisher.  We got overtaken by an unchained Volvo, up the hill, at an oncoming bus.  They then pulled in only to be found off the verge.

Kev, with little encouragement, put the window down and began to hurl abuse at the driver, while we were adjacent to them.  I was concerned that my car would then be kicked or punched.

A bit later we passed another unchained vehicle off the road, ranger in tow.

Kev, head out the window, “Book the b@#$*&ds, every f#$%ing one of them.”

And it went on  … each time the dialogue was unique, blue and a riot.

None of his victims responded because Kev was right every time, with no avenue of defence.

This reminds me that I have to post a video of Kev playing golf.  It will require a MA rating though. Jen



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