Early memories for a cousin

Thanks to Kev’s cousin Karen for this post.  I also think its time for a reunion.  Its nice catching up via social media but in person would definitely be better.  This is the only digital photo I have of Karen.  Helen’s name tags still make me laugh!

Kevin, Karen, David

Thomas Family Picnic 2004

“My post won’t be too lengthy as I could probably count on 1 (maybe 2) hands the times I’ve seen my cousin, Kevin, during my life.  I can say though that we are both the same age and my Dad, Ron, was always extremely fond of his big sister Pat (Kevin’s Mum).

I remember being very young when Kevin and his family lived in Gunnedah and we drove our small, non – air-conditioned 1972 Toyota Corona to visit them for a weekend.  My memory is a bit hazy about that time but I do recall Kevin showing us a go-kart which he rode up and down the driveway.

I can also remember a fun catch up at our place one day and our swimming pool got a good workout that day with Kevin, Helen, David and Peter.

I definitely remember attending Kevin’s sister, Helen’s 21st birthday at their home in Wollongong and I can still recall the amazed look on all of their faces when we arrived at the party yet again in the same Toyota Corona!!!

I was blessed to have been able to see Kevin and his family at my wedding in 1999 and it’s amazing how quickly the time has gone since then.

It’s probably time to organise a reunion for the cousins!



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