Family before self

So Kev has often put others ahead of himself. Usually to his own detriment. He has a really strong moral core and very definite internal beliefs of what is right and wrong.

Take the last few weeks. Kev is still very independent despite the onset of HD. He is still in the early stages. But he still has some issues that limit his day to day functioning and make simple tasks more difficult.

Kevin’s father has been unwell. His eldest brother has been doing most of the hard yards with Noel for some time (thanks Peter) but as his needs increased and given all Kevin’s siblings work and family situations, they have not been able to drop everything look after Noel at this time. Fortunately, Kev has been able to do this. He has dropped everything to be in Gunnedah where is father needs him. Ironically, it is thanks to being medically retired that he is able to do this. There is always a sliver lining.


Thanks to the long weekend and some quick booking of flights from Vietnam, most of Kev’s siblings gathered in Gunnedah to see Noel and during this time Kev provided the emotional support that we all needed. He was a rock.

He is negotiating all of the administration between, doctors, hospitals, respite and nursing home as well as providing Noel with the day to day demands of washing and requests for hidden stuff, as well as the emotional support he requires. Those of you who know Noel will appreciate how frustrating this job can be. Due to Kev’s HD, the admin tasks are the ones he often finds most difficult.

There is no doubt that this is taking its toll on Kev, both emotionally and physically. He is doing it all with grace and compassion and he wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact his post on Facebook sums up exactly who he is.


For those with small screens it reads: “Well still in Gunnedah. Dad has finally been accepted into a nursing home, no more hospital. The big move is next Tuesday. Then the clean out of his home begins. He was Very happy and relieved today after all the paperwork was done. Hopefully his last few months will be filled with comfort and care that only nurses and profession carers can give. These people do a fantastic job at a very difficult time in people’s lives. If you know a nurse or support staff from any nursing home/hospital give them a hug and say thankyou. That’s the least we can do. I can only hope that dad stays happy and pain free. Fingers crossed.”

It is impossible to express in words how proud I am of the way he is handling it all. He constantly amazes me.


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