The Yin and the Yang

various 288I have been writing about Kev for a couple of weeks now and said lots of really nice things about him.  However, I began to worry that this was not a balanced portrayal of him.  He is human after all and does have his flaws. When you have been with someone for 23 years these flaws can be the source of conflict. I know my flaws are definitely are!

Sorry Kev, I hope you take this the way it was intended!

So here goes.  A list of some (but not all) of Kev’s flaws:

  1. He won’t argue.  Not just with me but with anyone. He would rather not be heard than upset anyone.
  2. He won’t give an opinion if he thinks he will hurt someone. Again, his unnatural fear of causing hurt.
  3. He abdicates responsibility for all adult decisions around mortgage, banking, purchases, etc
  4. He takes FOREVER making up his mind. Shopping for a TV or a car is a nightmare.
  5. He is not great with money.
  6. He can be childish.
  7. He does not EVER do the dishes or clean the bathroom, or vacuum the floor or wash the clothes or dust the house or clean the windows or …

Some of these things are disappearing as HD advances, for example, he informed me the other day that whilst he couldn’t sleep he bought a muffler for his bike off the internet.  He has also become more inclined to speak his mind now. Two things that would never have happened before.

YingYangI went into our relationship with my eyes wide open, as did he. This list is significantly shorter than the positives and I have discovered that if you look closely at the above list, you can link it with at least one of the things that I love about Kev.  It is the yin and yang of the man.  To change any of the things listed above would lessen the traits that I admire.

That realization, paying someone else to clean our house and having children to unpack the dishwasher have made my life and our relationship much easier to enjoy.  After all, no one is perfect, especially me. Love you Kev.


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