Remembering for two

Memory has always fascinated me. What triggers a memory? Why do we hold strange snippets of events so closely while other details fade away? Lately I’ve added: Why is HD taking Kev’s short term memory away?

Last night sounds and smells dropped me right back in 1990. The year I turned 21. In particular, songs, written and performed by some old friends, in a pub that reeked of stale beer. (Aahhh how’s the serenity?) The memories started with a room full of familiar faces, all a little bit rounded and some with a little less hair and a lot more grey. Then there were the songs and remembering all the words. Finally, Perfect Wave, not a metaphor, but a song (click on the name to hear the song in Soundcloud). Which meant I was dancing with Kev and the memories flooded back. Just like old times, Kev was the first one up to dance and we were reminded of wonderful memories of a relatively carefree time in our lives shared with some outstanding people who we don’t see enough of now.

Unfortunately, Kev may not remember last night. Those memories might not make it to his long term memory. But I always try to find the upside. The upside of memory loss in HD is that it only takes short term memories. So the wonderful memories I recalled from last night were also recalled by Kev and will hopefully continue to be. So much of that time is wrapped in music and the smell of stale beer (but the stink of cigarette smoke has been eliminated). Although he is likely to forget all about last night. The CDs we bought might help, music seems to have that effect on his memory recall and if all else fails, I’ll just have to remember for him.



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